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DePAX SPARE tire and hardware, unused

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FS: DePAX SPARE tire and hardware, unused



Spare Honda wheel and Continental tire with mounting "washer" plate and anchor hold-down bolt for '05-'10 Ody.

Purchased new less than 1 year ago, never mounted on vehicle hub, only stowed in car while winter tires were in use. Rubber is not aged, clean as a whistle.

In MI, will ship at buyer's expense.

SOLD $180. New is $249 plus freight. Why spend that much for the same thing?

PM to this forum, please, and send phone/direct email for faster response.
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Will you be in Columbus for the Ohio State/Michigan game?
No, but my trucks run there weekly, can drop at a customer's store?
Will give it some additional thought. Still not sure if I am going get a new ody (you got me thinking on used values and deals on new)...
where in MI are you? I'm in Toledo, OH 43613.
Missed the Toledo post, was checking PMs.

Sorry, SOLD, and not via OdyClub.
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