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Depaxed Touring Tire Pressure with Conventional Tires

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What is the proper tire pressure for Touring with conventional tires? I have depaxed with 2009 Acura TL 17 inch rims with Kumho Solus KR21 size 235 60 17.

BTW, the Kumho KR21 tires are excellent. Quiet and nice handling. Huge improvement over the PAX.
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homer's van said:
Sorry this took so long, walking out to the "Oddy" (sic) and all that, just as poor, overworked DV laments above as too trying for his own purposes, whatever those are.

I guess I'm just old fashioned in my belief that this should be an open forum for sharing ideas, not for some sort of misguided attempt at showing off something -- what exactly? -- , for example.

So, my more lengthy approach is to actually post the answer to the OP's question -- imagine that! -- in case future searchers need to know this information, that is rather than just where to find it themselves, ASSuming that they had handy or knew where to access those references (to which, I note, the other non-response unhelpfully gives no links).

2010 (no-Pax) Ody Tour w/ OEM 17" wheels.
Fr 33 cold PSI
Rr 35
Spare 60 - folks, don't forget to air your spare!

I usually run a few extra PSI in the front, say 35 cold psi, but too much air negatively affects initial impact harshness and even my wife notices. Tolerances differ, as the prior "too helpful" poster's useful answer indicates, and YMMV. Too much pressure also can cause premature center wear, but I don't know the break point.

Be sure you have a spare for your new de-pax set.

Thank you for confirming the tire pressures for the Touring non-pax.

I just find it odd that the recommended tire pressure for the EX-L is higher for the front tires than for the Touring, EX-L is 35 psi while Touring is 33 psi. Yet, rear pressures are the same at 35 psi.
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