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Died on freeway, restarted while coasting

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I only did a cursory search for this topic so sorry if it's been covered. Like the title says I was going about 75mph ('99, 198k miles) and it went dead. Since traffic was light I moved to the right and gently shifted into neutral - it took three tries to restart while coasting, at one attempt the dash lights flashed and the needles vibrated but the others just stalled right away. It restarted at about 45mph (and half a mile down the road with a few new grey hairs) i shifted into gear and drove home. The low fuel light was on after restart. No stalls since.

Back story: still seems to idle rough, replaced the IAC valve a month ago, idle seems a little high now.

Any similar experiences?
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The 1999 model had a recall on the Ignition Switch.
Thanks New Van. The switch was replaced about 60k miles ago; when it stalled then the dash lights would stay on, this time (and after a few low speed stalls) they were off. I can't get anything to happen by jiggling the key - I'll search the threads.
It was the switch again. Bought a new one from hondapartsnow for a little over $50. The most difficult part of the job is dealing with the fuse box.
Thanks for posting the result - it will help others in the future.
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