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"Dieseling" fix w/ new computer module?

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I saw this post on the Yahoo board, and was wondering if anyone here had pursued this w/ their dealer?

Obviously I'd like to get rid of that noise in my brand new van.


2001 Mesa Beige EX
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I called Honda Cust Relations this am. They told me that this was a "fix in progress" and that a new PCM was being developed that they hoped would fix the tranny noise. They advised that a few owners are being contacted to test the new PCM and if it works, all Ody owners will be notified of a fix. Hope so.... my 2000 EX has had this noise from day one and it bugs me.

2000 EX
The "Dieseling" noise comes from the transmission between 50 - 60 mph and at about 1500 rpm
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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