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A cousin of mine has his mom's 2001 Toyota Sienna LE for his first car. I know that Toyota/Lexus products have always used that nice double-beep unlock and single-beep lock tone.

Personally, I don't always appreciate the traditional horn beeps that Honda has always used in their security systems upon locking and unlocking the vehicle. On my 2000 LX, you can either have the horn on for both locking/unlocking or off. Regardless, the corner lights do flash as well. The same goes for my 2001 Subaru, too.

However, I noticed that on 2002-2004 Odysseys, you can unlock and lock the car silently, although locking it and pressing the lock button a second time sounds the horn as reassurance that the security system is activated.

Honestly, I would prefer that kind of system, but I'd also like an audible alert whenever I've unlocked the car.

I don't know much about wiring and all that, but my question is:

Would it be possible to wire in a Toyota-type security system (at least the sound) to replace the Odyssey's annoying horn?

I assume that, at least on 1999-01 models, the security horn is the same as the regular horn. I would be interested in changing the security alert to the Toyota system, or at least one that sounds similar, while retaining the actual original alarm system of the Odyssey.

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