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Distortion in aftermarket headrest monitors

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Hello all,

I've been a lurker here for a month since we bought our 2008 Ody EX. It didn't have RES, and my wife wanted to go the aftermarket route to get it in there since we have a couple of trips this year and she'll pull her hair out if she has to listen to three kids yell and scream for many hours.

At any rate, I purchased a Pioneer AVIC-X130BT and 2 sets of ESS replacement headrests with 9" LCDs in them from Crutchfield. I installed the AVIC and a couple other things that went with it without issues, and on Saturday I finally got the power and ground run for the driver seat headrest to test it and make sure it worked. I connected the power and ground to the 12V power plug in the center console under the cup holders. I ran some RCA cables on top of the dash to the LCD screen from the back of the head unit. I just turned the Ody to ACC to make sure the LCD came on and it did. I popped a DVD in and the movie played. I was also able to get the audio to play as I listened via the headphone jack.

I went back out Sunday morning and started the engine and listened to the audio and noticed there was a lot of interference and I could see it on the screen as well. I tried a few different RCA cables and it was all the same. I did some searching on the internets and from what I could see was that if it wasn't the RCAs it was the power/ground. So I went out and bought a couple Bussman Add-A-Circuits from Advanced and decided to connect right up to the fuse panel on the driver's side. I also connected to the ground right below that panel as well that is behind the gas door release. I turned on the Ody and the same damn thing happened.

At this point I'm at a loss for what I should look at. Does anyone have any ideas? Are there special RCA cables that are needed for auto video? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?