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If you mess with your fogs, you won't void your, say, transmission coverage (unless you foul up the electronics with your ham-handed muckings and somehow blow up the computer controlling the entire vehicle. Don't see that happening). You're protected (usually) by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Basically: You may void your fog light warranty coverage, but not anything else. Mod away... :D

But say you do go to [your dealer] and some [gunzel] tells you "your [carefully-engineered mod] has voided your vehicle's warranty," and you vehement disagree with his stoopidity. Here's the magic words to eliminate that from your life forever: :huh:

"Would you put that in writing and sign it, please? Company stationery (or even a work or repair order) with your dealership's information will do. Thanks. I'll have your corporate and my people look at it." :tongue:

Lots of hourly repair order jockeys, drunk on the power afforded them by their custom-embroidered name on their shirt, try to lord over us lesser-equipped peons who just happen to help pay for their [meager] salaries. They want you to slink away knowing how powerful they truly are. Call them on it. :DD

They're not about to put their job in jeopardy, they know they're wrong [on some level], and they're not about to give you ammunition to prove them wrong. Goodwill, ponies, and rainbows will ensue, and you will not have to suffer [the upbraided gunzel]'s stoopidity henceforth... :coolio:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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