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I installed an Alpine sound system myself and later an electrical problem occurred from the door lights, the dealer NEVER helped me find the problem and I went through hell replacing batteries, wiring, fuses...Grrr. (and I'm a licensed master electrician).

If you install anything or modify something, make sure it can all be removed or put back when you take your car to the dealer! OR pay up and have everything done by them....
Rules might be different up in Canada but down here in the US they are supposed to prove the mod caused the problem. I've had to fight a dealer once for a customer because the tech said the amp install caused the ingition system to fry in his VW Beetle. I went over the install with their tech and asked him to show me how it caused the problem and after looking over how everything was hooked up and showing him on the schematic that it couldn't cause the problem they had to fix it. Turns out a fw months later VW had a recall for this problem. :) The moral is some times you have to be pretty forceful and make them prove the problem, if they can't then they have o fix it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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