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DIY: ATF flush and fill + Magnefine filter installation

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Since the pictures are missing, if you want pictures, you can go directly to the following post in this thread to get the pictures.

I just did a complete ATF flush and refill on my 2000 Ody as some people have suggested on this board. Previously, I did a drain and refill at 45K and the infamous “3X” drain and refill by a dealer around 95K. Now the car is over 130K and I started to feel little sluggish lately. The whole process took less than 3 hours including a Magnefine filter installation. Here are the pics. Many thanks to all those people who’ve posted HOWTOs on this project.

Parts needed: case of Honda Z1 ATF (12), Magnefine filter, 2 hose clamps

Tools: screw driver, hose cutter, 3/8” drive ratchet, ½” drive handle + long extension (>12”), 17mm socket, [not in pics:] oil drain pan, measuring bucket (enough to hold 3qts), 12” clear hose (3/4” in diameter), roll of paper/shop towels

Remove the plastic splash guard on the bottom of the engine compartment. Use a screw driver to unplug bumper and fender plugs.

Remove the ATF fill plug using a 17mm socket with long extension. Newer Odys or rebuilt trannies may no longer have this fill plug. Use the dip stick tube instead for refills.

Use a ¾ driver ratchet to remove the transmission drain plug.

Drain ATF. Slightly over 3 Qts should come out.

Clean the gunk around the magnetic part of the drain plug and screw it back in with 36 ft-lbs torque.

Refill ATF. Pour in about 3 ½ Qts.

Cut returning ATF rubber hose on the driver side. Don’t do this if you’re not installing a Magnefine filter. You can simply remove the hose from the ATF cooler.

Insert one end of the clear hose over the factory hose on the radiator side. The other end should point to the measuring bucket.
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Magnefine interval

rkpatt said:
What should the change interval on the Magenfine filter be ? - Thanks
Yes it does it a 5 speed

sekess said:
Hey egads,
Thanks for the info. My transmission looks like a split case design (no pan that can be removed). So, I assume that the stock filter is not servicable (replaceable) on a periodic basis.

I guess I'll just drain the ATF as per this thread ( drain bolt and from the hose connected to the radiator) without installing an extra filter.

Thanks again egads,
If its a late model 5 speed it does have a filter

A lot of us are using the magnefine since it add a magnet in the flow path (rather than relying on what falls to the magnet in the drain plug) and the magenfine should take some of the load off the OEM filter which is a little bit of a pain to replace...

From web site for magnefine...

Boss Magnetic Filtration products will not affect your new or used car warranty.

In fact, Ford Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler have been supplying the Magnefine product for many years. Your warranty is protected - which simply means it meets the vehicle manufacturer's requirement for oil flow. All Boss Products are tested to ensure they meet or exceed all Original Equipment Manufacturers' flow requirements.
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Easy to find

billsr said:
I want to put a magnefine filter on my 04 odyssey. Which line is the return line to the transmission and is there a photo showing the location? Thank you.
Its the line closest to the drivers side fender... Really short/ Goes straight from outlet on radiator right back to transmission...

You can see it in the installation directions for the atf cooler..

I have it on my 04 and think I maybe be the first one to have installed on in both the ATF and PS lnes...
Re: Re: Easy to find

Lead Foot 60 said:
I did installed both in July. Does that count? :D

Did mine in Aug 2004 (one week after picked up the ODY)
Details, details

dvpatel said:
Bump and another question.

Can I just order the factory Tranny hose clamps and use them to put in the magnefine or would I be better off with the screw on type clamps shown in the Pix?
Took a look at the a picture of the accord transmission and the layout looks just like the ODY..

The line to be cut should be the one closest to the drivers fender (short and straight piece)..

Air won't be sucked in, this is not a vacuum line. The ATF just flows through this line and then drains into the sump... (just think of what happens if you cut a garden hose...)

I originally used hose clamps but then switched to the honda spring style clamps...
Re: Magnafilter Size for 07 Ody?

allenhull said:
Hey Folks,

New here and have an 07 EX-L. Getting ready to do the tranny fluid service and install a magnefine. Question - what size magnefine? I've seen some references to 3/8" but I think that was prior generation. Anyone know for sure that size works on 05+? Also looking to put one in PS line - 3/8" there too?

Thanks. Hope to be able to contribute as I'm a big DIYer.
3/8 for both.
Transmission hose didn't change size. Its still 10mm (=3/8 inch)..
I have both in my 2004 and maye have been one of the first to use them...
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