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DIY: KYB Rear Shocks

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Just installed a hitch for my 2000 Ody. I got from Craigslist. Since I had the tools out decided to install some KYB shocks GR-2 silver. I believe they just came out with the EXCEL-G's which is now in black. But According to KYB it is the same thing except the color. Just a new way of marketing.

I'm in San Diego So I decided to Call your direct source outlet for performance parts and accessories since 1976. Free shipping and the lowest prices. Believe it or not they had it in stock and on a Saturday. Picked them up for less than $75/pair Part number KYB 344353 . 2000-2004 is the same shock. They said if i was out of state, I wouldn't have to pay sales tax or shipping. Very Helpful and professional!!!

All you need is... a pair of jack stands, jack, cross bar to remove lugs, 11/16 socket with extension and a ratchet... That's it!!!

2 Bolts hold it in, top and bottom. Out with the old and in with the new within minutes. I think it took my longer to jack up the van and remove the wheels. For a van that had almost 200k on the odo the shocks didn't look that bad. After the install, the van rode ALOT better. Better feel and more control.

Here's the link in case you might be interested..

KYB 344353 GR-2 Shock Absorber for 2000 HONDA ODYSSEY

I also picked up a K&N filter #33-2174 for $39.00 bucks cause they had it in stock as well. installed that with my eyes closed. You cant expect 10hp but a big difference of throttle response especially since this van feels tired @ 200k miles.

K&N 33-2174 Replacement Air Filter for 2000 HONDA ODYSSEY

I will get the front struts next time and update the install. But for a DIY'er i rate this an EASY one.

I still need to get the front struts so I'll update that at a later time.

BTW, this board is very helpful as I found alot of stuff i needed. But... Can anyone help me out with my passenger side door they closes but doesn't latch or seal shut?