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DIY maintenance a success. Thanks to the forum!

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Just wanted to say thanks to the forum for all the great info! Been lurking for a while preparing for some DIY maintenance on our 2013 EX-L

Did a 3x drain and fill with Honda DW1 fluid. Also replaced the plugs with NGK laser iridium and installed new Bosch brake pads.

Had Costco install new Michelin Defender 2s which ride really nice and handle great.

I installed VCM tuner 2 about 10,000km ago. Here are some pics. 130,000km on the van. Original plugs and ATF. Shifting is noticeably smoother.

Liquid Drinkware Cosmetics Fluid Wood

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The drain and fills were completed same day, with some driving around in between to go through all the gears. Thanks for the input.
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