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DIY- Replacing the Outer Tie Rod Ends on a '02 Odyssey

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Hello fellow Odyssey owners :cool:

I would like to post up the guide I used to replacing the outer tie rod ends on my old '02 Odyssey. This walk-through will apply to any Odyssey within the second generation model run :)

1) Raise and safely support the vehicle.

2) Remove the front wheel/tire assembly.

3) Loosen the outer tie rod end locking nut 1/8 turn.

4) Matchmark the tie rod end to the threaded shaft.

5) Remove the cotter key and castle nut from the outer tie rod end threaded spindle, and using a tie rod end removal tool, remove the tie rod from the steering knuckle.

6) Hold the tie rod with a wrench, and remove the outer tie rod end from the threaded rod, counting the number of complete turns it takes to remove the tie rod end from the shaft. Write the number of turns on a piece of note paper.


1) Apply a light film of an anti-seize compound onto the threaded tie rod end, and install the tie rod end lock nut.

2) Install the tie rod end onto the tie rod, turning it exactly the number of turns it took to remove it.

3) Install the tapered spindle of the tie rod end into the knuckle and tighten the castle head nut to: 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm)

4) Install a new cotter pin in the tie rod end threaded spindle.

5) Tighten the tie rod end lock nut.

6) The balance of installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

7) Have the front end alignment checked and adjusted as necessary.

*diagram courtesy of; all rights reserved
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