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Here's what I am doing to enhance the sound with my 2002 Ody EX:
1. Installed on the front pillars the Infinity 109T 1--Inch Edge-Driven UHF Dome Tweeter. I removed the original tweeters to make room for the crossovers.

2. Ordered Infinity 639I 225W (Peak) 6-1/2x6-3/4 -Inch Three-Way Speakers. When they arrive, I'll replace the original 6 1/2 inch speakers in the front and swapping them with the back.

I am using the original head unit.

The tweeters came with pretty big crossovers, and I shoved them in the original tweeter spaces. The grill on the passenger side sticks out a bit. The one on the driver side fits well. I wrapped them in the thin cushion wrapping that they came with to dampen any noise.

Very happy with the sound of the tweeters. We listen to audio books on CD often, so this really makes voices much clearer.

Planning to add tweeters to the 2nd row pillars, where the seat belts are held. This will add more sound for 2nd row passengers. I plan to tap into the back speakers. I've read that the front tweeters are tapped that way into the front speakers.


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