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Do Acura dealers treat us in the same way as Honda dealers when they sell MDX?

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Just curious. As a customer waiting for Ody for months, I heard lots of terrible stories on Honda dealers ... passing Ody under one's name to someone else paying more money, putting unnecessary accessories, pushy salesman who calls a lot before getting a deposit but none after, and so on and so on. Does this also happen in Acura?
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Good question. I am STILL awaiting a response from Honda that I submitted with my survey. I asked to be contacted reference the behavior of some of the dealerships that we visited before driving 143 miles to find an Ody at MSRP/without addendums. I added our age/lifestyle/dual income/and that we would 'think' Honda in general would want our demographic for future product purchases. Obviously individual behavior of salepeople is one thing...however, all manufacturer's I know of have 'secret shoppers' that evaluate the practices at their dealerships to improve customer relations and sales. Had our experience been with one dealership I could have blown it off, however in our experience it was valleywide. I really enjoy the van but think Honda have become the Harley-Davidson of vehicles with mark-ups/BS tactics/addendums above MSRP. Maybe I will send off another letter tomorrow, need a project! Kind of makes one realize why Saturn retailers at least have happy customers (even if their products are marginal).

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