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Has anyone here installed NavTool in an LX? If so, can you tell me whether you are able to use the lower knob (see photo below) to control CarPlay?

I believe LX's are the only trim that has no lower screen. As you can see in the photo below, there is an additional knob below the radio, and all it does is control the upper screen. So it makes sense that NavTool should be able to tie into that knob and use it to control the upper screen.

However, NavTool's customer service is practically impossible to communicate with. They seem to be telling me that I will have to use their aftermarket "joystick" because they say the lower knob is fully integrated into the radio and cannot be accessed like it can on the higher trims. But that just doesn't make any sense. The lower knob is completely separate from the radio unit and not integrated into it at all.

So I'm looking for somebody who has actually done this and can tell me how it actually works. I can't afford to drop $600 on this without having any clue how or even if it will work.

Also, I know it's been asked a bunch of times before, but are there any other viable alternatives for adding CarPlay to a 2016 Odyssey LX?

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