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Doh! I'm an idiot!

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OK, so I picked up my new van on Friday. Took it to the mall Saturday and ran it right over a curb! I'm obviously about the millionth person to run over this particular curb, which juts out at an odd angle, but I'm still mad at myself. The damage consists of a crack in the black plastic sill panel, under the bottom of the pass door. A little super glue will fix it good as new, but darn it all! At least it's christened now!

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Well if you will pay for the shipping I will send you mine removed from my aero kit. Let me know if you are interested?


2001 GG Ex, Leather, GPS, TV/DVD, Donnely Mirror, WingWest areo kit, 17x8 wheels w/yokohamas, Hella supertone horns.
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