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Hey guys...

This forum has helped me fix three parts on my van. It rocks! (mostly door problems.)

I do have one that I still need help with, but the problem is with locating the part. The driverside sliding door with not latch completely. After taking out the latch mechanism I discovered that the problem is the smallest cable that goes around it has broken apart. The motor, gears, and everything else is fine.

Does anyone know where I can get JUST that small cable or does anyone have a broken latch system that I could buy the cable off them? I have tried everywhere. I just don't want to drop $150+ for the whole latch system when all I need is the cable.

(Also, if anyone needs to know how I got the latch assembly off it is just held on by three bolts inside at the back of the door and three bolts outside at the back of the door.)

Thanks for any and all help! This is for a 2000 Odyssey.


1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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