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Door speaker wire issues

1903 2
I've been on here for a while and been able to get most answers from a search, but this one has stumped me. Here's the situation...

I have an 06' EX-L that I have replaced the following:
-Clarion NX409 head unit
-Polk db 6 1/2 components (woofers/tweeters) in factory spot
-Alpine 2 channel amp running the front speakers
-For the amp install I ran output wires from the amp to the dash and tapped into the factory door/woofer and dash/tweeter wires

My problem is that when I play the speakers at a high volume, the amp cuts out and goes into safety mode. At first I checked for a bad ground, out of phase speakers, etc.

I then took out the woofer and tweeters and ran a small wire directly from the amp and was able to play them as loud as possible with the amp running fine. I narrowed it down to the woofer using existing speaker wires is the cause of the amp shutting down.

My questions are the following:
-Has anyone done a similar setup using the existing wires w/o a problem?
-Does anyone know of an inline crossover/resistor of some type in the wires that could be causing this issues.
-If I have to run new wires to the door, any tips on doing so?