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Dorman TMPS sensor

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Hi, anyone have any experience with Dorman TMPS sensors?

Are they reliable?

I see a couple of selectiosn ie. OEM, Oro-Tek and Dorman.

I'm looking to install TMPS sensors on my winter steel rims.


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In addition to buying the TPMS sensors, you will need the dealer to reprogram the TPMS system to recognize the new sensors. When switching back to your summer tires, will have to program the system again. The system only stores 4 sensors at one time....

I just left them out of my snow tire set. Driving around with the yellow TPMS on the dash.
I've been driving around for two seasons w/o the sensors either, but I'd like to have the option to power through snow if I need to since I cannot turn off VSA if TPMS light is on.

I'm going to get the ATEQ Quickset for $125 which will allow me to retrieve and program the ECU. Drivewire sells it for $100 but they don't ship to Canada unfortunately.
You are right, I am just living with the TPMS issue, so far no problems.

Maybe you can split the cost if the programmer with neighbors or friends. This will be a problem with any Honda owner. From what I have read, the Acura vehicles can take more than 4 sensors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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