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Recently purchased a used 2001 LX with 1,200 miles. Around 1,201 miles I started hearing a "load bang" when from the Driver side front of the car under hard acceleration.

For those wondering, I had the van checked out by a Honda dealer prior to purchasing to ensure it was never in an accident

It does not appear to be related to the TCS system - it appears just before anti-slip control kicks in. I have also noticed the same noise when making a sharp Rt. or Left turn at low speed (ie: wheel is under considerable load).

On my 1st trip to the dealer (3,500 mile Oil Change), they said they wanted to replace both the driver's side Strut and Spring - they thought that this might be the problem, although all other driving aspects of the van seem fine (ie: it does not drift as discussed in several other posts) or ride unacceptably.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any other thoughts what could be causing this noise?

Thank you in advance for your replies
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