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Driver side window rattles & see-saws

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Been hearing rattling around the driver side window. When I roll it down partially and driving on a little bumpy road, it rattles. I tried to push the glass out to see if there was any give and no, it was very tight. when I rolled up the glass, the rattling disappears. So next step, I tried to check the vertical movement of the glass and voila! the glass window can give about 1". It sort of see-saw on a joint of some sort. I quickly check the passenger side window and it is tight both horizontally & vertically. This is going to waste me another day to the dealer. Damn Honda has been giving me a lot of pesky problems. First the slide door motor, then the latching unit, then the power door control unit.... now the glass window rattling. Wondering what will be next.

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Totally Newbie now, but learning quick.
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