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Driver's side armrest

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In my '96 Ody, the driver's side armrest on the door has broken underneath. The covering fabric is perfect but it feels like the plastic underneath has cracked. Any suggestions?

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Is it a separate arm rest, or is it built into the whole panel?

If it's separate, just replacing it might be easiest, but if built in, removing the panel and stiffening from behind might work.

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I did a quick check at to see if they are separate pieces, unfortunately the whole door lining is one piece and it's very pricey ($285).
Your best bet is to remove the panel and see what's broken then try to repair it.
While we're on this subject - has anyone come up with a good solution to the elbow-cracking hardness of this armrest? Has anyone put something like that gel cushioning stuff or anything like that there? How does it look?

I'm thinking of doing something like this regardless of how it looks just to cushion the blows - maybe something that is removable.
Hy has a sheepskin solution, but I don't know how he made it.

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Actually the reseller I purchased my "skins" from for years did it for me based on an idea I had. It really works great!
The only thing holding it in place is a piece of Velcro sewn onto the back of the sheepskin. The door upholstery just barely sticks to the Velcro so it doesn't create any damage. You can contact them at Sheepskin Experts and ask for Daniel. Mention that you have an Ody and would like to have him send you some color samples (if needed) and ask if he could create a door panel armrest cushion similar to the one he created for Hy.

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Good idea, hip. I don't know what the designers were thinking when the did the armrest. Most uncomfortable esp on long trips.
BTW, whats on the dash?
Its a dash mat, a low nap carpet that is sonically invisible so speaker sound isn't impeded. It helps prevent UV deterioration of the dashboard. With summer temperatures capable of +117 degrees, vehicle interiors can exceed 180 degrees. I do whatever I can to reduce UV and heat build up. That is why I have the windows tinted with film. The privacy glass does nothing for the UV or heat load. Event though the factory adds some type of solar rejection to the glass, its minimal and ineffective in Arizona.

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I've seen it get to 129.5 degrees in the shade on my patio, dash covers are a must in the desert. I just put on my Dashhugger yesterday. I went with

They UPS'd it to my door in about a week & a half. I went with them because theirs come down to just above the glove compartment and covers the area around the passenger side air vent, and they use velcro fasteners that won't melt in high heat. They recommended the "Smoke" for the Quartz interior, but I had them mail me the blue color samples too, and I went with the "Crystal Blue". Looks really good with the Silver exterior, and brings in some nice color to the interior, ...wife thinks it even seems to make the grey interior take on a blue cast. Reduces glare/reflecion coming off the dash, also.

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Can someone please post the proper link for the sheepskins thank you
The sheepskin link works ok for me.

Thanks for all the replies. Does anyone know how to detach the interior door panel on a '96 Ody?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RODB:
Thanks for all the replies. Does anyone know how to detach the interior door panel on a '96 Ody?</font>
Try this parts listing/picture from Majestic Honda, it should help: Numbernext1=325560

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Has anyone managed to repair the cracked plastic armrest? Any tips before I give it a try? Also, is there an easy way to readhere the fabric that is pulling away from the panel? TIA
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