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I pulled on the door handle to open the auto sliding door, it opened a couple of inches or so then the cable that goes to the rear of the van disappeared into the rear retractor. I removed the roller guide cover and the cable end is still on,.. somehow it came off of the roller latch ( or so I think?)

Problem is I now can't open the door! It will pop open about one quarter of an inch then it's stuck... I'm assuming the roller latch is stopping it from opening since the cable is no longer attached to it. My 'slide door' light is now also on the dash!

Questions are ... how do I get the door open to put the cable back on and does the 2nd gen retracter work the same as the first? I see from the 1st gen postings that Honda doesn't make it easy to get to it to release the cable.

Called Honda and since van is out of warranty by a few months and now 5000 miles they wash their hands of it.

Any advise would be appreciated beyond belief! Dealer says over the phone it will be a minimum of $1000 for sure!

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