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Drivers window goes up and then down a bit

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My drivers door window has an issue
When I auto up it goes to the top and the opens ~2" and then stops?
I tried to drive the window down with the auto pressed and held the button at the bottom for 2 seconds, I then pulled up on the auto up until it reached the top and then held it for several seconds.
This did not work
I had to remove the door panel to install a remote starter (i need to connect to the door locks in the window control module)
Could I have bumped a limit switch? I did not think these had limit switches?

Is there another routine to reset the window?
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Did you find the fix for this? I just replaced the master window switch and my drivers side window is doing the exact same.
Try doing the power window control unit reset procedure below. This procedure is listed in TSB 11-018 "Safety Recall: Front Passenger’s Door Window Glass Is Separated From the Regulator" and TSB 11-019 "Safety Recall: Driver’s and Front Passenger’s Door Window Glass Are Separated From the Regulators" in the 2011 TSB thread.

You can also see the power window control unit reset procedure in action by viewing the video below in the Honda Tech2Tech Video thread.
Follow These Steps To Manually Reset That Power Window Control Unit

NOTE: Do the reset procedure on either or both windows, as needed.
1. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).
2. Use the power window DOWN switch to move the
power window all the way down.
3. Open the door that you are doing the reset
procedure on.
4. Erase the AUTO UP feature by repeating the
following bullet steps four times:
NOTE: Make sure you do each bullet step within 5
seconds of each other. If you do not, the procedure
will time out, and not work.
• Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0).
• Push and hold the power window DOWN switch.
• Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).
• Release the power window DOWN switch.
5. Confirm that AUTO UP no longer works. If it does,
repeat step 4.
6. Lower the power window all the way down using
the power window DOWN switch.
7. Raise the power window all the way up using the
power window UP switch. Hold the switch for
several seconds after the window is closed.
8. Confirm that the power window control unit is reset
by checking the AUTO UP and AUTO DOWN
functions. If the AUTO UP and AUTO DOWN
functions do not work, go to step 1, and repeat the
resetting procedure. Pay close attention to the 5
second time limits in step 4.
If the AUTO UP and AUTO DOWN functions still do
not work, troubleshoot the power window circuit.
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I had this same exact problem. Honda calls is 'Auto reverse' and others call it 'Anti pinch'

I had pulled the window fuse, but it was still there. I ended up being able to fix it by unplugging the window control module (the little black box) screwed into the middle of the door. I suppose a battery disconnect would have done it too.

Once I plugged it, the auto up and down did not work, but I just did that reset method of all teh way down, hold for 2 sec, all teh way up hold for 2 sec and it worked!


2003 Odyssey
Mine goes up easily when it's wet. But I have to pull on the glass to get it back up when its dry. I have cleaned the gaskets best I can. Didn't help. I'm worried I will eventually burn the motor out. Is there a grease that doesn't gum up and make it worse? It seems like it is un balanced. When I pull it up. I have to pull it away from the side gasket.
Honda has a specific silicone grease made by Shin-Etsu for this purpose (for use on all of the external rubber on the vehicle). The dealer should have it in stock or you can search google for "Honda Shin-Etsu"

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...Sin-Etsu for "Honda Shi-Etsu"

Clarification: It's "Shin-Etsu."
the price they charge for it is "sin"ful
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Clarification: It's "Shin-Etsu."
Wow, yes. I mis-typed it multiple ways!

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Clarification: It's "Shin-Etsu."
Thank you. It had some stuff on it when I bought it. I cleaned it off. If its just Diealectric grease I have some of that CRC Dielectric Grease. Maybe I"ll give That a try. Since it's just sitting on the shelf in my garage
It is silicone. It is worth having to use on the sliding door rubber.
That CRC Dielectric grease fixed my Laboring window issues. Now that I have received that "Shin-Etsu." I'll be putting it on all my window rubbers.
Thanks for the input/suggestions/advice. Always Much appreciated... Ben
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