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Okay, this is a strange one...

The dealer I'm on a waiting list with is putting an I-VES and Playstation 2 in an EX-L for me to look at, and if I like it I can take it instead of the EXL-RES I have on order of the same color. I went by today and they still hadn't installed the PS2, and they mentioned something interesting -- they were going to put it behind the 2nd-row seats instead of under the front seats, saying that they shouldn't put it under the front seats because it might interfere with the electronics in the seat for the dual-stage airbags.

I'm curious if anyone knows anything about this? Since the location in front would be easier to do, I doubt they would pick the rear location without what they thought was a good reason. I don't want it back there since it would make it too inconvenient to get to for normal use. I talked to another guy at the dealer and he said that it would be no problem and they could put it under the seats. Does anyone know about any possible problem with putting non-Honda electronics under the seats in an '02 with the new airbags?

'02 MB EXL-RES on order... woo!
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