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Has your trunk been neglected? Unwanted spills and stains not only look bad, but they also create unwanted odors, and affect the re-sale value of your Odyssey. Our Genuine OEM Honda Odyssey Cargo Trays will help to protect the inside of your trunk - keeping it fresh and new. Unwanted spills and pet stains are hard to control, so don't wait until it is too late, order your Honda Odyssey CargoTray today!

Green Table Rectangle Coffee table Plant

Top Selling Cargo Tray
2003-2011 Honda Odyssey Cargo Tray
MSRP - $107.54

Our Price - $ 75.90
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i selected your link and the page opens to a 2011-2012 cargo tray.

msrp is listed at $93.

"our price" is $66.70.

maybe update your post.


[edit] i selected the link above the 08U45-SCV-100A line.
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