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There was some good DVD information through the Search option, however it did not address my issue. After finally getting my starter issue handled last month, the '02 and I took a ride over to the Honda dealer to peruse the '11 model and it actually was not a horrible experience. After 4-hours, thinking of all the issues I read about on here and them not having the exact vehicle I was looking for and not wanting to take anything less than sticker for an EX-L RN we decided to hold onto the '02 for a little while longer as the primary vehicle. She actually was going to become a secondary vehicle, not trading her in yet.

So, with that said, the only thing missing from our '02 is the RES so I am having the RES installed tomorrow and the shop says that a 17" screen may be too big (DVD was ordered several weeks ago). Does anyone know how the A/C is laid out in the ceiling? Or, where I could find a schematic online? I have searched and cannot find one. Thanks in advance!
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The DVD was installed today and although I was quoted $250 to install it, It managed only to be $150. I attached pictures since everyone seems to think it is to big.... I'm guessing the kids are going to like it when I go pick them up!

It's a PYLE 17" with built in FM modulator and IR transmitter.


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