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I just recently got myself a 99 ody LX. My parents have an 03 ody EX and they love it. They have over 200,000 miles on it and have just recently replaced the tranny.

The one that I have some guy did not want to replace the tranny and so we got the title from him. I got a new tranny, and new battery all for $2,700 (installed) including the van. The engine has 103,000 miles when I got it. Its at 104+ now.

The question that I have concerns the DVD. I put it in myself as I followed stuberman's forum, which was of tremendous help. I was able to get a blitz adapter and hook it to the factory radio. This worked for about 10 minutes.
What I get now is all music and very little voice sound from the characters. The actor's/actresses' voices sound so distant but the the music comes through loud and clear.

What is the problem and where should I start.

Not to mention I just broke the outside passenger sliding door handle and the dealer wants 98 dollars for it. Any body know of a better place to purchase a door handle.

Thanks, I am looking forward to any feedback.
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