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Emergency Roadside Kit

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Thanks to all for the good info in this forum.

My question: Does anyone have any recommendations for a good emergency roadside kit and where they placed it "neatly" in their Ody? Just got our '02 GG EXL and would like to purchase a nicely organized kit that fits well in the van.

Thanks for the help.
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I found a small tool box, I think about a 13" size, made by Plano (a pretty common manufacturer), that fits nicely under the back side of the passenger's seat (probably the driver's side too, I just haven't tried it). It's not too fancy but has a lift out tray inside and also has space in a couple of compartments on the top. I think it cost about $6 at a hardware store.

I've got a much larger plastic storage container that normally rides in the back, behind the second row, that I use as my "trunk". Things like an extra quart of oil (just in case), rags, hand cleaner, tarp straps, etc., live here. If I ever need to use the whole area for large items it's pretty easy to take the whole tub out and move it into the garage.

Don't know if you've done this already but a Yahoo search for "emergency roadside kits" or "auto emergency kits" will turn up a bunch.

They come in all flavors, sizes, and prices. Some people just want the basic stuff but others (me) carry everything except a sink. The nice thing is virtually all of them include dimensions.

Also, check out this handy item:

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I have found that quite a few emergency things can be stored in and around the spare tire. If you wrap them in rags or make some cloth cases for the items, they will not rattle. I have a flat (one layer) tool tray which I keep under one of the second row seats. It has some of that "bubble packing" inside to keep the wrenches quiet. My Helm manual goes under the other second row seat. I do not carry fluids with me, except on road trips, in which case, I put them all in a 5 gal. bucket (in their own containers, of course, Hee! Hee!) and pad them appropriately. My old "bag phone" fits nicely under the front passenger seat and booster cables under the driver's.

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
I bought a set of jumper cables that fit neatly in the zippered bag in with the spare time. Also put the wheel lock there since I had an experience of someone getting a wheel lock simply left in the glove box and stealing my rims. 2 flares fit neatly next to the jack in the back. Along with a pair of gloves.
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