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Emissions/exhaust warning light - !#@$#@

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I have a 2000 Oddy Ex with 20,000 miles on it. Last night, while driving around town the "emissions/exhaust" warning light came on. The manual says in that event, to take the Oddy in for service or your engine could be damaged...

Ok, my question is what the hell does this warning light signify? Is it a real problem or a bogus thing made up so I have to cough up more $$$ to Honda? I am mad as fire - I already paid enough for this van. I don't want it crapping out on me now! Has anyone else had this problem happen to them?
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Honda has 8years /80K miles warrenty on all
Emmission related problems. DO worry, just take it dealer and fix it.
Also verify your Gas cap. it should be tight till you hear 3 clicks. ( read on gas CAP ).loose gas cap is also related to

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Took in the Oddy to the local dealership and they reported the same warranty information that you guys brought up. Also, the problem (in our case) was that the gas cap had not been tighten up adequately. Sometimes, when that happens, it will trigger the emissions light. I did find out that when the light comes on, the dealership service folks have to turn it off.

Anyway, it was all for free so Honda is back in my good graces again.

Thanks for your help!
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