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engine compartment light

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my uncle has a '97 caravan.... we were comparing the vans side by side the other day for fun.... it was getting to be dark outside (around sundown)..... and we popped the hoods on both vans to look at the engines.... although the ody has a much better looking engine bay, it could not be seen..... the dodge had a light that lit the entire engine compartment....
my question is: is there a way to rig a light to the engine compartment?... i think it would be nice to showcase the engine at night and also handy if (heaven forbid) you ever get engine trouble on the road at night.

my first car was an '81 datsun 280zx that used to have this cool light in the engine compartment that came unscrewed when you uncoiled the wire it could be held into any position for better lighting. it also had a hook on the other end so that it could be hung on the hood hands free

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jay-q:
'I would expect the light and wiring would be fairly straightforward, but finding and mounting a hood-activated switch would be a challenge.'

when i was browsing through i saw that they had a hood switch for the alarm..... could this be rigged to work as the light switch as well?..... im not too great of an electrician (carwise at least; have more experience with ac current)
Sure you can, all it does is supply a negative to the alarm. If all you want to do is to control the light, just hook it up to the light. i.e.: battery--fuse--light--hood switch.

If you also use it for the alarm, you would need to isolate the switch with 2 diodes.

An easier way is to find lights specifically designed for trunk and hood, it already has mercury/tilt switch built-in.

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