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engine oil

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Hey, all,

I have an 04 Ody and I was wondering, what is a good oil for it? It has 157k miles and I just had the tranny rebuilt after it had been sitting for a year. Any thoughts on oil?

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Many different opinions here. I think most branded oils that are of the appropriate weight and meet Honda specified API standards are fine as long as you change your oil frequently (3500-5000 miles). I've used Castrol GTX in my 2002 with 170 k miles and oil changes every 5k and my last Blackstone oil report at 165 said the engine was running strong.

For the type of duty a minivan sees, I don't think synthetics offer a clear advantage over Dino oil to justify the cost difference.


thanks for the reply. i will get her done this morning with the dino.

have a great restful thanksgiving.

I've been using Pennzoil Platinum synthetic 5W20 in my 2004 since new. Price is not bad when you buy from Walmart in the 5 quart jugs.
Supposedly if you start using synth on an older motor the seals may start to leak.
With that mileage I would stick with normal dino oil. I did the switch to synthetic at 85,000 miles and all the seals started leaking. My mistake, I knew it would happen and just wasn't paying attention to which oil I used. That said, after replacing all the gaskets I've been using 0W-20 synthetic with great success and I don't have to remember to use different oils between by cars.
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