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In case any one is looking for a handsfree kit for use in the Ody with a T28 or T39, Ericsson sells two. The HCA-10 and the HCA-20. With the HCA-20 it comes with an interface to the radio that lets you use the car's speakers to hear persons voice. It also automatically mutes the radio.

Unfortunately my Audio place was not aware of the HCA-20 and sold me the HCA-10. Lucikly you can buy the interface separetely. As soon as they install the interface I'll report to see how well it intergrates with the NAVI. For now I am using the separate speaker it came with.

By the way the fitting for the handsfree kit goes in to the right side of the radio. It kind of blocks the master light switch, but not too ackward. It's great being able to use the phone and hear the person loud and clear.

One thing I like is that if you have the phone off, it doesn't turn the phone on like my Nokia adapter used to do. It will charge the phone, but leave it off.
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