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Evaluating Concept Vehicles

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We were selected to participate in new vehicle opinion survey because we own a 2002 Odyssey. We will be doing it this afternoon. The following is a quote from the invitation. "At the study you will be evaluating concept vehicles, features and different designs." I have done this once in the past, and it is interesting. The interviewer said that they were looking for people who owned Odyssey's and that they were going to be showing cars that bridge between SUV's and Mini Vans. Should be interesting.
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Being in the design/engineering/tooling industry for 5+ years now, I can tell you from what you described it was still in the concept phase (may be late in that phase) so it probably wasn't the Toyota. With less than a year to market (assuming an '03 model year), it needs to me in the tool build stage by now. For each of those plastic parts inside and outside of your car the mold maker needs anywhere from 4 to 20+ weeks to design and build the mold, depending on the complexity. There can be design chages during that time frame, but the majority of it needs to be frozen before the tool build begins.

So that means it was the next Ody or next Quest. From the van shown at the Detroit show, the Quest seems to be carying on with the short wheelbase & body. So, was the van you saw Ody size or Quest size? That would narrow it down. Also, are you sure it wasn't American? The GM and Ford vans are (or should be) due for an overhaul soon too.

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