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Evaluating Concept Vehicles

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We were selected to participate in new vehicle opinion survey because we own a 2002 Odyssey. We will be doing it this afternoon. The following is a quote from the invitation. "At the study you will be evaluating concept vehicles, features and different designs." I have done this once in the past, and it is interesting. The interviewer said that they were looking for people who owned Odyssey's and that they were going to be showing cars that bridge between SUV's and Mini Vans. Should be interesting.
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we can win, the trade in for hondas are always good. plus with this site we can always be armed to make the best deals.
LHody, stop teasing us
create a new id, and give us the details, or e-mail it me [email protected]

this is why I always lease Honda, best resale value, so no hestiation to trade up.
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