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I don't know who posted the info on the LATCH Retrofit kit, but THANK YOU!
I picked up my Ody on Monday (SS EX-L: LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!), and installed my Evenflo Secure Advantage II car seat with the lap belt and the tether. Decent fit, but I didn't like the way the shoulder belt came across the "aisle" (I moved the pass. side seat to the center).
Well, I thought I'd go shopping and see what car seats I could find with the LATCH/Isofit System. I saw only a couple, then I remembered reading here about the LATCH kit,
so I went to Toys R Us, and for $24.99, picked up the Retrofit kit (actually just a strap that attaches at both ends to the LATCH hook, and threads through the seat).
It took only minutes to install, and is a ROCK SOLID fit! Thank you Ody Club!


2002 Starlight Silver Metallic EX-L
96 Subaru Legacy Wagon(great car FOR SALE!)
2001 Subaru Legacy Wagon
2001 Radio Flyer Trailblazer (my son's)
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