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EX Interior Lights

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I just saw this on the Yahoo Ody forum:

"My 2001 EX interior lights would not switch off either. Took it to the dealer. They called Honda and found out on the EX model, having the lights turn off automatically is an option (one I never heard of). There is a jumper wire installed in one of the wiring harnesses that keeps the lights on all the time as long as a door is open. By removing this jumper wire, the lights will switch off after a couple of minutes. I don't know if the lights switch off on the LX model or not but if they don't, my guess is if you find this jumper wire and remove it, they will."

My interior lights don't go out after 10 minutes, even though the owner's manual states that they should go out after three minutes of a door being left open.

Does anyone know anything about this? I'd reply to the original poster, but it sounds like the dealer didn't tell him the location of the jumper, and anyway, the REAL expertise is on THIS site!


Chuck Konarske
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Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my factory service manual.

Trevor? Gram? Anybody?

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