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EX "Plastic Surgery" for my LX?

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My wife has been moping about our LX's black mirrors, door handles and bodyside molding since the day I brought it home; she would've paid the EX premium just to get the paint-matching peices (I'm too cheap).

Now I wonder if I can "colorize" these pieces. Question: Would changing the mirror and door handle peices merely be a matter of paint, or do these pieces have the color imbedded in them? My guess is the latter. I would probably scratch a painted door handle guard every time I brought a key near it.

Has anybody disguised their LX as an EX in this manner?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by freqfly:

Question: Would changing the mirror and door handle peices merely be a matter of paint, or do these pieces have the color imbedded in them?</font>

On the factory EX, the color is not embedded in them, they are painted just like the bumpers. If scratched, they'll reveal the natural black, ala LX.
These are plastic parts. They must be primed appropriately before you can paint else the paint will peel. Some parts are OEM pre-primed for the body shop to apply the final coat and color match. some are not.

Some one with a Body shop/Paint shop can recommend a primer to use.

Hope this helps.

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I know TrickedOdyssey painted his LX to look like an EX. Check out his pics:

You could also just order the necessary EX replacements parts and just swap'em.



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The EX mirrors are pretty pricy though, it would be much cheaper if you just painted them.

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Wow! TrickedOdyssey's ride looks *sweet.* Makes me look at the Odyssey in a whole new light.

I'm encouraged that the door handles & mirrors just need paint. But must they be removed from the vehicle to properly paint them, or can they be painted in-place?
I would strongely recommend, from personal experience, that you remove them before painting them, and paint them inside the mirror housing also. I has a bodyshop charge me good money to paint some mirrors once, they didn't take them off and the job was crap.

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I had my car in Stockton, CA painted the side mirrors and all the black exterior molding to match the body paint. It turn out great. Everything are matching up with the original paint. It was done by the local dealer. I also had my 94 RX7 painted by Mazda dealer at Mesa, AZ. After $3000 paint job, the paint turned out horrible. I end up going to the smaller local shop to repaint and fixed the mess. I suggest you visit your car very often while the car is at the paint shop. Ask them to see the progress of your car in their paint job process if you can. It will show the paint shop that you really care about how your paint will turn out. They tend to be more careful with their job. I also suggest that you get some reference on the paint shop before you bring the car to any shop. Good Luck.
I'm wondering, does anybody else have tips regarding painting LX trim, EX style?

Also, has anybody painted their (black) wheel well trim pieces to match the body color?
Welcome to the Ody Club and thanks for searching right off the bat! One thing to check out before having these things painted is how much they cost to buy with a factory paint job. The door handles,for instance, are practically the same price. There is a dealer who sells parts on line with good prices:
If you are considering doing this yourself, or just want to read up some more, there were a couple of old threads on painting the spoiler and rocker panels. Even the EX owners were doing that. The major cost, whether doing it yourself or having it done is the pruduct. You have the paint, color matching, flex additives, clear coat. Hope this helps.
Tell your wife you'll take her out to eat to a nice restaurant once per month for the next 4 or 5 years with the money saved.
Or a trip to Hawaii or something, that might make her overlook the painted mirrors and door handles. :)
I wish I had saved the link, but I JUST read an article about this but for a Dodge Dakota. They repainted the door handles on one. The thing is, I have a dakota and I've seen the older odyssey with the black handles, they are exactly the same material. You could follow those instructions, if you could find them. Perhaps a google for dodge dakota handle painting or something would work.

It was a blue vehicle, but I don't suppose the color matters. The instructions were in very great detail and the end product was flawless.

I have a friend who is very familiar with painting interior parts on show cars, i'm gonna hit him up at work tomorrow. Hello white handles for my ODY.
Don't know about y'all,

but I prefer the unpainted door handles on the LX. Have your ever seen or tried to keep with all the scratches that occur with painted door handles? If only i had gotten a black LX...hmmmm?

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Re: Don't know about y'all,

99cnynstnslvr said:
If only i had gotten a black LX...hmmmm?

good lord, if only they made a black LX. :(
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