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EX sliding door vibration

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Hi My Ody is 3 days old. Already today, my left sliding door began to vibrate (rattle) as I was driving. I didn't go over any bumps and it still vibrates. Anyone else experience this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh YES! Get ready for more rattles & tinking noises! My ODY was 2 weeks old & there was an irritating tinking on the drivers side front of the car. Got that fixed... it was a bushing . Then, a month later I took it in for a rattling passenger slider . They fixed that. About another month later, the other slider is rattling! I haven't taken it in yet since I figure something else will give & then I can fix 2 things at once. Well, actually today, my dash lights for the Brake & the doors (all 5 of them) intermittingly come on & flicker.
By the way, my Ody is only 4 months old. Purchased it in June.
So, I guess I will need to drag my kids into the dealer & wait a few hours! Unfortunately, my Honda dealer doesn't go to our area so I just have to hang out there. They do rent cars but they don't give out rentals on warranty work.

Boy, can't wait to let my toddler run crazy while we wait in the Dealer showroom!
Maybe I can give him some real gooey & disgusting snack that day
then set him FREE! I'd bet that they'd really like that one!

Goodluck & I hope you don't end up spending as much time as I have at the dealer.:D
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The only real beef I've had with our month old Ody was the left sliding door that had a rattle over bumps. I had it in the dealer this week and they "adjusted and lubricated" the door and the problem has been fixed.
Noise complaints are the hardest to diagnose for dealer techs... Owners can spend countless hours driving the vehicle and "assumingly" determining a particular noise, while the tech is expected to find the cause within a few minutes, pinpointing noises may take hours and many miles of driving... thats not including the time for repairs to fix the complaint...

Contrary to the believe.. we do not have crystal balls or magic genies that help us with this process...
chazuke said:
Well, actually today, my dash lights for the Brake & the doors (all 5 of them) intermittingly come on & flicker.
While you are there, have them check/replace your ignition switch. I had the same problem with mine and it ended up periodically not starting too. It was turning over but not "catching". Fun! This happended two days after getting the van. What a great way to show off your new van by having it "piggy back" on the back of a tow truck with the dealer's name plate on it. Great advertising by the way! (please note great deal of sarcasam) Fortunately, after THREE days in the shop, they replaced the switch and TWO days after that, they replaced the green alternator plug for the interior/dash lights that got dimmer & brighter. Have them check for that too. There were some threads about all this earlier. I think it's under "dash lights". Hope this helps...
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