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Ask Tracy to mail you the Ext. Warranty packet. You can buy the warranty for the base price until 12000 miles / 1 year. After that you have to pay extra (usually $60).

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by voyager:
I sent an email to Tracy Dalton ([email protected]) to get a quote on a Honda Care extended warranty, but got a reply from a Stephen Lucas who said my request was forwarded to him. Anyway, I was looking for a 5YR/100K/Zero Deductible plan which I had seen quoted on previous posts at $595. He said that I might have been able to get that price if purchased at time of vehicle purchase, but since it will have been reported sold, the best he could offer is $795.
Anyone else heard the distinction of buying at time of purchase or afterwards? My van is just a few days old and has only around 500 miles on it. I'd really appreciate any references that others know about that offers competetive pricing on Honda Care. Thanks.


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