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I think I might have been hosed and swindled on this extended warranty thing. I had been reading this board for 5 or 6 months, and been planning my purchase, so I knew to ask for the 7yr/100,000 warranty for no more than $900. Dealer salesperson agreed to my terms. Then, when in the finance guy's office, my head spinning from all the documents and, me salivating in anxiousness to drive my new Ody just outside the window, the finance guy starts talking to me about how actually the warranty would be a better deal if I went with this or that option, and he showed me a chart of 3 or 4 different warranties. By the time I left, I had signed the deal to include a $1300 warranty, that in addition to 7yr/100,000 miles, I'd get 10 free oil changes, 50% off tire rotations at service intervals, and $250 off my next Honda auto purchase. For some reason, I thought that sounded okay, but a few days later I looked at the paperwork and noticed I've got a $50 deductable. I keep reading posts about "no deductable". I had assumed there was just one extended warranty, and you either get it or you don't. Are there several versions of HondaCare, or did I get swindled into a side warranty, that's not part of Honda's deal? I have a sheet in my paperwork that says Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc out of Florida, in addition to my HondaCare papers. What's that? Obviously I'm calling the dealer soon for some answers. Any one here that can clue me in?

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