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Service minder came on to do the transmission fluid drain and refill at 63,000 miles. Went to change it yesterday and noticed an extremely slight leak out of the passenger side shaft that leads toward the passenger side CV joint. FWIW I used Honda ATF Z1 at the first transmission service @ 30k.

It's not enough to form a drip and definitely not enough to fall to the ground but it's just wet enough to create a slight ATF film in the area and attract dust.

I cleaned it up, refilled and put 20 miles on it or so and may have been able to wipe off some fresh fluid but it was so slight I couldn't tell if I was imagining it.

If this was a 100k vehicle I wouldn't even think anything of this but IMHO it's a little early for fluid leaks on a Japanese vehicle.

I thought "No big deal this thing has a 75k powertrain warranty". Then I checked the documentation and realized that it was only 60k. Would it be typical for dealer to extend a "grace period" on this warranty? Is that even worth pursuing? I'd rather not have the leak but I'd also have a general distrust for mechanics at big shops and wouldn't be surprised at all if while "fixing" this problem they create others.
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