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I was driving home on a cool evening on a flat road at a nice constant speed in my 2001 Ody LX with 140K miles when the TCS and Check Engine light came on. The van drove fine with no symptom of issues so I made it home. Next day, took it to the mechanic who scanned the ECU and found the dreaded "P0740" code.

I had done a 1X transmission fluid change about 3K miles prior to this happening. The fluid was clean and didn't smell or look burned. I had heard no whining noise from the transmission, no bad shifts, no slippage, no thunk into Reverse.

The mechanic suggested changing the torque converter solenoid just to see if that helped. I agree to that.
One of the screens had a little bit of debris but not so much that it would impede flow or pressure through that passageway... the debris wasn't all metal either.. some of it looked white like plastic particles.

Two weeks pass by and the van drives fine but the TCS/Check engine light come back on. It's the same diagnosis - P0740. "Torque converter Circuit Open."

I decide to keep the van and get it fixed. Thanks to arduous research on this board, I conclude that many have traveled this path before me. I read all the thousands of dollars you all had to painfully pay out of pocket. I didn't expect Honda USA to even consider helping me since I'm not the first owner of the van and I do have 140K on the odo.

I decide to go with a Jasper transmission to replace my failing one. I intend on keeping the van for at least 2-3 years and it is the family vehicle so I do want it to be reliable. I also want to protect myself financially from further issues and Jasper's 3yr/100,000 mile warranty makes me feel better about it than going with a local rebuild that carries a 1yr/10,000 mile warranty.

I am quoted $3200 total parts and labor at one of their "preferred installer" facilities near my workplace.

This seems to be the heartache of a lot of Odyssey owners out there and I really feel that pain right now but I hope that this is something I can put behind me and not worry about once it's done.
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