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I finally ordered a DePax rim and tires and will be looking to get rid of my current set of 4 PAX rim and tires, along with in tact sensors and emblem that are coming off of 2007 Odyssey Touring.

Only item that won't be included are the lug bolts so if you're looking for these PAX set, this would be it.

Rear PAX tires were changed sometime back in last November and are the good set out of four. Front two's were changed back in last May and are going bald (go figure right?).

I will be posting some photos soon but just wanted to throw this out there. I will not be shipping these wheel set due to weight, and ideally, I'd like to get rid of them as a set, and not separately.

Sensors are still good and those alone would be worth something as well as the good rear wheels.

Send me PM if you're interested and give me your best offer, local pickup in Northern NJ near Alpine.
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