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WOW! Very nice
I know, many of you have your own '02 Ody so it's no big deal. But for us still on the so called "waiting list" it's better than nothing!
I drove an Evergreen Pearl EX (cloth). I like the cloth upholstery and the color was prettier than I thought from looking at the pictures. In fact, I could definitely live with that color (just have to convince my wife!) Now I'm really anxious for my own Ody to arrive.
Not the dealer I will buy from though, they ad on lots of high cost accessories and claim they charge MSRP-plus the required goodies they put on of course!
Besides, the way the salesman drove that van (with 72 miles on the odometer) made me glad it wasn't going to be mine!

On the waiting list for my '02 EX Nav in RED!
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