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After 2 months of looking over everyone's shoulder in this forum and wishing I could drive my own Odyssey, we finally picked up our '01 GG EX-NAVI this past Thursday!!

Closing went very smoothly; of course the finance manager had to give us the long pitch for the extended warranty. I'll probably buy it in a couple of years, but not at their quoted price of $1,495.00 for the 7/100/0 warranty (thanks to this forum, I know the warranty can be had much cheaper!). Vehicle came with a full tank of gas, and the salesman even remembered to save the window sticker for me. They refused my request to not put their dealer's badging on the back, however. The decals came off very easily.

I've spent the last several days merrily going over every square inch of my new Ody, and driving it whenever I can pry my wife out of it! First impressions (at 145 miles):

1.) This thing drives and handles *great*!!
Doesn't feel like driving a minivan - more like an extended sports car!
2.) No noticeable pull to the right or sloshing fuel in the tank.
3.) Love the navigation system - and Tulsa is not even part of the detailed area!
4.) I looked really hard for those "sample defects" that Consumer Reports talks about (and is able to find at least 3 of on every vehicle they test). I haven't found one yet (at least none that are attributable to Honda). This is the first Honda automobile I've owned - bought a '97 Honda Shadow motorcycle new, was impressed with its fit and finish and am equally impressed with this Honda. (Wish I'd kept the Shadow.)
5.) Had the dealer install a Gentex auto dimming compass/temp rear view mirror, Classic Soft Trim leather kit, and Audiovox entertainment system - all of which are superb. Only problems I've noticed so far on the entire vehicle have to do with these aftermarket items, however. I kept suspicioning that the temp function of the mirror was reading several degrees higher than actual outside temp; got to poking around this morning and finally found where they'd installed the temp probe - behind a blocked portion of the interior front bumper structure and adjacent to the engine bay! After I rerouted and clipped the probe to the outside edge of the lower front grille the temp display immediately started showing more accurate readings. Also, first time I folded the third seat into the recessed area the stitching on the bottom of that seat came apart. That'll have to go back to the dealer sometime to be redone (hopefully with more durable stitching, as this area will be subject to some stress).
6.) Mods - Had the cargo tray and splash guards awaiting my new Ody; installed those both on Friday. I used a hydraulic floor jack to raise the rear end, which gave enough room to use a stubby Phillips screwdriver to attach the rear guards. Today, with the help of Chuck's pictures, I performed the power sliding door surgery on both sides - nice difference, being able to open either slider in any gear but still having peace of mind knowing that the speed lockout is still functioning!
7.) I've listened to the stereo quite a bit; I'm either too old or still used to that Kraco 8-track I had in college - I think the stereo sounds great as is. (And I miss my Doors 8-track tape, also - wore it out during my college commutes.)

So, all is well so far with the new Ody. Can't wait to take some trips in it!

Classic Soft Trim leather kit; Audiovox entertainment system; Gentex auto dimming compass/temp rear view mirror; splash guards; power door mods; Helm manual; Honda litter bag.

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hah!! you are one excited modifier eh?? 2 lite-mods and 1 heavy-mods in just 3 days!!!

Honestly, I had receive my splash guards and kept them for 2 weeks before I decided to move my fat butt and install them!!

now, the fog-light, sub-woofer, ATF cooler ...have been sitting in the garage for 2 months now. Hey I'm gonna start workin next weekend coz you inspire me man!!

I'm a new person now. UNLIKE my previous favorite excuse towards work ... "Haveing a Bud, ....True, True...ZZZzzz..."

abyez - 1999 GG EX

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