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After two weeks of waiting since original delivery date was rescheduled due to Labor Day we picked up our '01 Ody today. My husband finally got home last night at 10pm after getting stuck in Texas on Tuesday. I heard that they might hault the builds of Hondas if their plants are asked to build military vehicles. I am so glad I went ahead and bought it. I agonized all the way there about waiting for an '02. But now feel very good about what we did. The car was a bit stiff on the ride home both in ride and seats. We drove 4 hours to get there, spent 2 hours at the dealership and 4 hours back home.
After Tuesday I felt odd going to pick it up. It felt unimportant in comparison but why stop our lives especially buying and letting the terrorist change one more persons life. This does not negate my horror and sadness but it does give me resolve to not let them get the best of me. I don't know what will happen to our country but I do know that my God is sovereign and I know who I belong too. I am also very glad to have my hubby home after a very unsettling week.
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