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Picked up our RRP EXL-RES on Wed. evening and just thought I'd throw my 12 pesos in since I have a few comments that I don't remember seeing anyone else mention (and believe me, I've read just about every single post while waiting for this baby to arrive, way worse than xmas eve as a kid!). So here are my comments in no particular order:
- Leg room for the driver seems a bit tight. I'm 6'1" and I wouldn't mind the seat going back just a bit more.
- It's hard for my 2.4 yo to climb into the van by herself. Main issue is that there's nothing that she can grab on to that isn't smooth or greasy (she's used to climbing aboard our 4x4 with running boards, so she knows generally what to do).
- It certainly rides like a car, but it definitely doesn't drive like one. You can really feel the higher mass when going around corners and braking seems a bit uninspired. As well the steering feels too remote with very little feedback. (fyi, this is the wife's ride, I have a MR2 and a motorcycle, so my impressions are a bit skewed in this regard).
- The sound quality of the stereo is marginal at best. The speakers sound flat, and if you try to adjust the treble up, it just sounds tin'y. As for the bass, well enough people have commented on this already

- The volume controls on the wheel are nice, but I'm so used to reaching with my right hand that it's actually easier for me to grab the knob, than it is to take my left hand off the wheel and mess with the buttons.
- The rugs are a disappointment. They don't seem to fit very well and throw off the looks of the interior (imho).
- The two tone leather on the doors was unexpected and I think a nice touch. Makes it feel more, uh, racey?

- Spare in the center of the van!?! Can't imagine getting the thing in and out without making a mess!
- Why can't they make a warning "bell" for when the parking brake is on and you shift into any of the drive gears (would get the wifey into a lot less trouble
Generally we love the thing. My wife especially, she just adores it. She kind of "let me have my way" when we decided on the RRP, and now she thinks it's the sharpest looking thing on the road. Our daughter also loves her "new red van" and wants to ride in it all the time (though she isn't as impressed with the RES as we are, go figure).
To those who are still waiting, it's worth the wait, let me tell you. It's a great vehicle. If anyone in the Central Tx area is looking to buy a used Toyota T-100 4x4 (another great vehicle and an excellent companion to an Odyssey), let me know, we have one for sale now

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