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After 15 years we will be back in a Honda tomorrow.
My last Honda was an 83 accord.
After an accident in our 2005 Town and Country. (not at fault)
With the van written off I did some research and came down to an Odyssey, Sienna or another T&C. The problems with the brakes which I can attest to was the reason I crossed that off. I liked the idea of better gas mileage and selected a 2006 exl with less than 60k miles on it. We drove our 2012 T&C to the lot and when I got in I couldn't believe how quiet it was on the road compared to the rental and it was 6 years older. Looks like the rear has never been used.
I was really impressed with the ride and quietness of the vehicle. I couldn't find a fault with it.
Will be sharing more in the future.
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