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I wish I had this information, however, I can list the other bulbs for you.


H4 9003 Bulb (dual filament)

Parking 1157
(you can change it to a CLEAR BULB), it is currently amber color bulb, clear lens

Front Directional 1157
Rear directional 7440 single filament
Front sidemarker 1157
Rear side marker 7443 (dual filament)
Taillight 7443
stop light 7443 (not sure about this, weird, shows dual filament)
High mount stop light 168 wedge bulb (our N4 or 194 bulbs)
Cornering and backup bulbs (7440) single filament
License plate light (168/194) wedge bulbs it pops out, just shift it, easy to change
Instrument light 74 (no replacement)
Map lights 3022 (domelight small 3022 size)
Dome light 3022 (rear)
The side map lights are some weird size. You can get 3022s in their, but you need to bend the tabs in and do some custom work so that the contacts will fit onto the 3022 bulbs (paper clips come to mind)

A link to before and after shots of the map lights.

Headlight bulbs


Here to help

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thanks for those information, I need them as well. But the reason why I need to know the fog light size is that I want to see if I could change the bulb and fit a HID system in there.

I know autotoys has a few HID system. Have you guys tried fitting one in the ody headlight ? Others have experienced trouble such as headlights not having the right focus. Do you think the odyssey will have the same trouble ?

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hi toyman,

just wondering the listed you have for the light bulb is it good for the 2003 model? and is it complete?

the reason i ask is because i am planning to replace the backup light to a brighter one like the halogen, and then the rest of it to be LED, what do you think, and thanks for your info.

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